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4) Orange Celebration offers free listings that meet our criteria as acceptable to everyone (children to adults), and is of interest to our community. We are not affiliated with any religious, political or social activist group/organization. We reserve the right to refuse or to edit submitted requests without notice, and/or remove any listings or links we have determined to be inappropriate the the public and/or this website or our social media sites. Any requests to remove any listings (image, text and/or link) will be reviewed and a determination will be made. Our decision is final. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our policies and terms of use, and by using this website, you agree to hold OrangeCelebration.com, Unicom Services, Kullberg Designs, Bruce Kullberg, and all our sponsors, supporters and partners harmless against any and all claims and actions arising out of the use of or participation in the activity of this website.

5) Any information collected from visitors and participants to include our contestants in our contests, is not shared, sold, rented or distributed to anyone else. We respect your privacy. This does not include information you post willingly on our social media sites that is public, and that anyone can access. Contest pictures/videos - By entering our contests, you give OrangeCelebration.com permission to post your picture and name (as a contest winner) on our websites and social media, and allow us to use your picture/video freely in future promotional and marketing efforts without compensation.

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8) Partnership Program:  We reserve the right to refuse a request to be a Partner if we do not feel a person, group of people, business or organization is an appropriate fit (and as outlined in paragraph #4) for our visitors on this website and our social media accounts. By requesting to become a Partner or Primary Partner, you agree to these terms, and that our decision is final, and you will not hold OrangeCelebration.com, Unicom Services, Kullberg Designs, Bruce Kullberg, and all our existing sponsors, supporters and partners legally responsible for any such decisions relating to your request to be a Partner or Primary Partner.  

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