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For every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 stays in the community. The same $100 at a national chain, only $43 stays in the community.  

Business in Orange Township, Ohio
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The Wall Street Journal Online

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Delaware County Economic Development ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Delaware County realizes the importance of small and entrepreneurial businesses. These play a unique, critical role in the economy and require specific economic development attention and support..

• As new businesses are formed, they promote economic efficiency and growth through a process that economists call “creative destruction.”
• Businesses secure consumer and business spending within the local economy.

Community Catalysts: How Small Businesses Shape Health, Wealth, and Well-Being

Small businesses are not just economic entities; they are vital cogs in the machinery of community health and well-being. By fostering job opportunities, contributing to local tax revenue, and enhancing community culture, these enterprises play a crucial role in shaping the fabric of society. In this article from the OrangeCelebration, we’ll explore ways small businesses positively impact their communities and contribute to their overall health and wellness.

Community Catalysts: How Small Businesses Shape Health, Wealth, and Well-Being

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The Route 23 Corridor Project is a public-private partnership seeking to determine the best uses for this historic thoroughfare in Delaware County. The goal is to allow government entities to hear from residents, businesses and frequent users of the U.S. Route 23 Corridor about their current perception of U.S. Route 23 and what they would like to see it develop in the future.  
Delaware Connection 23
23 Corridor Strategic Guide (PDF)

SBA Launches New, Free Online Digital Learning Platform

Ascent built to assist nearly 13 million women-owned small businesses

Women entrepreneurs start and own nearly half of all businesses in the United States, employ 9.4 million workers, generate $1.9 trillion in revenue and represent all industries. Ascent offers several key journeys to assist women business owners with strategies towards growth and success, including Disaster & Economic Recovery, Strategic Marketing, Your People, Your Business Financial Strategy and Access to Capital. Each journey contains content and tools needed to grow your business. Additional topics will be added over time.

“The Ascent digital learning platform is a practical, user-friendly tool and a one-stop-shop for female entrepreneurs to gain knowledge on how to elevate their business goals, overcome burdensome challenges and grow their existing business,” said Allen Gutierrez, Associate Administrator, Office of Entrepreneurial Development. “The launch of this useful and timely platform will provide women-owned small businesses the resources they need to start, grow and expand their business. We hope that you enjoy your journey with Ascent.”

Visit and register for your free access today. For additional opportunities on how women entrepreneurs can start, grow and recover, visit or contact your local SBA District Office.

Helping Small Businesses

Special report from Arise Ohio

Ohio lawmakers are making big strides to protect small businesses from arbitrary shutdowns, despite objections from Gov. Mike DeWine.  The Ohio House passed House Bill 621, or the Business Fairness Act, with wide bipartisan support on Nov. 18, voting 77-10. The bill is cosponsored by state Reps. Jon Cross, R-Kenton, and Shane Wilkin, R-Hillsboro.

The Ohio Senate has begun consideration of the bill on its first day back in session, where it received a committee hearing Dec. 2 in front of the Senate Transportation, Commerce & Workforce Committee.

The Business Fairness Act would allow businesses to continue operating during a public health emergency, preventing blanket shutdowns because certain services and businesses are deemed “nonessential.”

“All businesses are essential and deserve a chance to fairly compete during the pandemic,” said Cross in a statement following the bill’s House passage. “It is unfair large retail chains are able to keep their doors open while small businesses are getting crushed.”

Sponsors of the bill have also argued it can head off lawsuits related to business shutdowns and free up the governor's administration to focus on pressing pandemic concerns.

Instead of picking winners and losers by labeling some businesses “essential” while others “nonessential,” the supporters of the bill say it would guarantee small businesses are able to continue earning a livelihood while abiding by same health restrictions required of other businesses. Moreover, supporters add that the governor should work with the legislature on reasonable regulations that are equitable towards small businesses.

“We’re just simply saying you’re more than free to impose reasonable regulations on these businesses to slow the spread of a contagious illness,” said Sen. Rob McColley, R-Napolean. “You just can’t outright close them and leave them stranded high and dry.”

Lawmakers in the state Senate are also considering amending the bill to include stronger language, explicitly prohibiting statewide and regional economic shutdowns.

Dewine, however, has promised to veto the Business Fairness Act if it reaches his desk, calling the bill a “direct attack on public health.”

Unfortunately, the Business Fairness Act, if passed, won’t be able to provide immediate relief to small businesses across Ohio. If the bill passes the Senate, receives a veto and the Ohio General Assembly successfully overrides the governor’s veto, the bill will take effect 90 days after final passage – since it does not contain an emergency clause.

Nonetheless, lawmakers in Columbus should take action to pass the Business Fairness Act to protect the ability of small businesses to earn a livelihood. Moreover, Gov. DeWine should work with the General Assembly in crafting reasonable regulations that ensure not only health and safety, but recognize the economic hardship small businesses across Ohio are facing.


For more information about Arise Ohio and other issues facing small businesses in Ohio, click button below:

Doing Business in Orange Township

Before doing business, Orange Township requires some basic information from potential vendors, along with state and federal forms. Please email or fax the required forms, to 740-548-7537, Attn: Orange Business.

- All Vendors must complete and return the Orange Township Vendor Request Form

- All Vendors must complete and return the W-9 Form (PDF)

- Vendor expected to be paid more than $10,000 in a one year time period - State of Ohio Certification/Affidavid (PDF)

View some of the services and products the township frequently uses:
- Office supplies
- Paper products
- Printing
- Cleaning Supplies

The OT Economic Development Advisory Board evolved into the OT Outreach and Communications Committee as a means to address and facilitate the connections between the Orange Township local government and all segments of the Orange Township residential and business population. Please see the Orange Township Outreach and Communications Committee Board page for more information.

The purpose of this sign regulation is to promote and protect the public health by regulating existing and proposed outdoor signs of all types. It is intended to protect values, create a more attractive economic and business climate, enhance and protect the physical appearance and preserve the scenic and natural beauty of the communities and countryside, reduce sign distraction and obstructions that may contribute to traffic accidents, provide more open space and generally curb the deterioration of the natural environment. Contact Orange Township if you wish to file a complaint or have any questions.

Due to a recent change in Ohio Laws, the Board of Orange Township Trustees, on February 20, 2018, approved Resolution #18‐083, which adopts the Registration and Regulation of Transient Vendors or “Door‐to‐Door” sales in Orange Township.

Residents are now able to add their addresses to the Orange Township “Do Not Knock”
Registry. This registry lists the addresses of those that Do Not desire to be solicited by door‐to‐door sales, and prohibit the vendors from knocking on your door.

The up‐to‐date list of registered addresses will be provided to all registered vendors, and will soon be available for review on the Orange Township's website.

To be added to the “Do Not Knock” registry, please email your name and address to with “DO NOT KNOCK” in the email subject line.

If your business intends to solicit homes in Orange Township you must contact Orange Township to register and receive a copy of all registered  addresses.  More information (PDF)

Other information, resources and links for doing business in Orange Township, Ohio can be found here: LEARN MORE access is now available to all Delaware County District Library cardholders

Delaware County District Library Offers Free Access to Online Courses for Businesses

Delaware, OH -- The Delaware County District Library (DCDL) is now offering cardholders free access to online educational courses from Access to this learning tool was announced earlier this summer via a statewide partnership between the Ohio Library Council, the Ohio Public Library Information Network, and LinkedIn. This will include courses on business topics and personal advance, such as:
· Job hunting and résumé or cover letter writing
· Business skills, communication, marketing, and leadership 
· Data analysis, cloud computing, and server management 
· Creative arts including 3D animation, video editing, photography, and more  
Now owned by LinkedIn, has been the leading provider of online learning content for 20 years. The service has more than 12,000 courses, ranging from computer programming to project management including instruction on various computer software, programming languages, and business topics. The video courses are taught by industry experts and are designed for any skill level. also offers more than 50 different learning paths to help users stay ahead in their current job or change careers. is free to patrons of DCDL with a library card number and PIN. It can be accessed from any device with an internet connection inside or outside of the library.  
“We are very excited to be able to offer this resource to Delaware residents.," said George Needham, Director, DCDL. " will make it possible for users to prepare for new jobs or to improve the skills in their current positions, but it will also allow them to pursue new hobbies and maybe even find a new passion." 
September is National Library Card Sign-up Month, but you don’t have to wait. Sign up now for a DCDL card and start learning with 

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Economic Development - Starting & Growing Your Business

The Delaware County Economic Development and Entrepreneur Center offers many resources for small businesses and professionals. Below is a live feed from their Facebook page. Additional information and resources are available on their website Delaware Means Business 

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